May 25, 2011

Thanks for visiting Bone Depot!!! On these pages you will find some of the best restaurant-grade raw meat and bones available anywhere, along with information for those who are curious about or already feeding a diet of raw meat and bones to their companion animals.

Bone Depot operates out of Canine University® in Malden, MA. Whether you seek duck or turkey, beef or lamb, it’s all here and priced affordably. If you are just starting out, congratulations…we have many resources- for both the novice as well as those who have been doing this for awhile- on our links page, and are always happy to talk shop.

Currently there are 2 ways in which we can serve you-
• Peruse our site and place your order in time for our monthly delivery. We accept secure payments online thru Paypal, or we can send you an invoice electronically if you prefer to mail a check.
• We also have an ever-changing variety of foods available each week for those who prefer to stop by & shop. You can stop by during posted hours and pick up what you need; we accept major cards as well as cash and checks. What’s available is updated regularly and listed to your right; you can also email us to get on the announcement list or follow yourpetsbutcher on Twitter.

We pride ourselves on the large variety of organ meat we can obtain for you, and package your food in consumer-friendly portions. Bone Depot also offers case discounts ranging from 10-15 percent off, and we actively shop all available wholesalers to obtain the best quality and pricing….if our price drops, so does yours :)

One of our goals in starting Bone Depot is to help everyone who cares about what ends up in their companions’ tummies, everyone who is disenchanted with feeding their loved ones from a bag, everyone who seeks the optimal health benefits their dog, cat, ferret, etc can only get from a raw diet. Help us to be the #1 source for the needs of pet guardians all over New England! We look forward to being your partner in feeding as mother nature intended.



We Do Not Ship (regrettably)

January 27, 2016

Am only putting this up here to stem the time of cross-country and int’l. orders received.
Bone Depot is based just outside of Boston, MA, USA. New and returning clients are welcome to place their order, with the understanding that they will need to drive to our location & pick up their items. We can’t do anything for those who are unable to come to us, at the present time….
We are going here because of a sad truth: PayPal charges us a transaction fee for all purchases utilizing them. This fee is charged both when a purchase is made, and if it is refunded. As we receive a number of orders that are outside of our service area throughout the year, it literally costs us out of pocket when someone hasn’t gleaned from this- and the verbage all over our site- that we can’t (for example) ship out 10# of chicken necks to them, and places an order. As these do add up, we must retain a portion of your purchase- most times this is less than a dollar- if we need to refund you for this reason.


First Delivery in 2014

January 10, 2014

The first ‘meat meet’ of 2014 ALMOST got by me, though it has been on the site since the end of the of twenty thirteen. I appreciate your business, and- frankly- get a lot of satisfaction from providing the companions we all hold dear with the most affordable, top quality raw meat and bones [...]

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